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In this post on BoS http://discuss.joelonsoftware.com/default.asp?biz.5.493397.4, someone asked if — starting a µISV — it is better to stand up a web-site by product, or to stand up a “company” web-site ? The poster also say that he will have a first product in 3-4 months, then 2 others products about 2 years later.

I’m really a new µISVer, but if you permit, I have ONE BIG advice : “Stay Focus”.

By not being “focus” on your application and its web-site — that is YOUR product — you will lost lot of energy by trying, too early in the process of building your µISV, to “reuse/optimize/manage” too much of stuff — If you are alone like myself.

When starting, I think it is more better to launch a firts version of ONE application, lets the world know about it (SEO), get feedback, and enhance THAT application. You will learn a lot from this first experience — I’m learning a LOT right now myself…

Of course, if you are not really a starter, but you already know how µISV business really work — and so you are not really a starter — that’s another story…


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This little post just to inform you that news versions of the website, with a better look — I hope 😉 — are tested online for feedback.  Have a look at the change at www.listandchecklist.com.

I hope to fix the website rapidly, except maybe for a couple of graphics — the header and the boxshot — and to fully concentrate on the application.

SEO is not sensible at the look, so for now it would be ok…

I’ve also start to fill the µISV Kit page, and I say a little more about me in the… About me page.

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