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Why, do you think, I’m in the process of building yet another ‘List Management Software’ ? It seems there are tons on the market right now. Am’I completely crazy, as a new µISVer to try to catch a small part of this market ?

I’ve post a question on the ‘BoS’ forum : Which Software Do You Use to manage all your lists ? In less than 2 days, I had more than 20 references of such tools. Some are desktop ones, some are web-based ones and finaly some run on so called ‘PDA (PalmOS/PocketPC) or SmartPhone’.

Here are two little lists of theses soft. Why 2 lists ? Hummm… Personaly, no Web-Based solution had never give me a great ‘User Experience’. The biggest (only ?) advantage of a Web-Based solution is that data are “always available” ! Sorry, but that’s not always true ! You already need a PC with an internet connection… The only device I’ve always with me (and so, most of us also, I suppose) is my phone and/or my PDA (in fact, I own a Treo650 smartphone from Palm), not a PC. Also, if some live in a country where fast internet connection are widely available, that’s not the case of everyone. And sorry, but Web-Based applications just sucks on low-speed connection. Point.

So, if I always want my data with me, the best solution is one that rely on a “Mobile Companion Solution”. If I would not have a smartphone or a PDA, I would make my data “mobile” by putting them on a USB key.

So here are the lists. They are incomplete, so feel free to comment about others you know about. I’ll update the lists, and, for the most “rewarded solutions”, made a more detailled review, in a dedicated page of this blog.

[Updated 24/04/2007]

GTDTiddlyWiki, tadalist, JotSpot, Google Notebook, BaseCamp, ceBase.

Desktop ~ with or without “Mobile Companion Solution”:
Notepad, MasterListProfessional, VIP, Excell, TreePad, MyLifeOrganized, EccoPro, Swift todo-list, MasterListPro, LifeBalance, CheckList, Windows Mobile Task List, ToDoList2, C-Organizer Pro, Painless Schedule, DevPlanner, KeyNotes, KeyNote.

Humm… A lot, lot, lot… Too much ? No.


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